Comfy Modern Daybed

It’s autumn, there is nothing like lying in bed and watching movies and shows. The more comfortable the bed or sofa, the cooler your relaxation will be. Do you know what could be nicer than relaxing in your comfortable bed? Lazing around in the Inchworm Shezlong by Kafedra Mebeli!

Russian designers keep impressing with cool ideas, and this piece is one such creation. This shezlong (chaise lounge) chair is just a metal structure that you stack your bedspread on and turn it into a hipster awesome bed chair that you can sit / lie on or spread out like the absolutely free spirited person you are. The tubular steel structure can take a good amount of weight, it is completely stable; The light blue duvet follows the shape of the frame and its size. But you can also take your own duvet with you. The lounge seats up to two people so you can invite your partner or friend to join you. And with a super soft duvet, the lounge looks extremely comfortable and cozy, Netflix and chill on my new Shezlong someone?

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