Comfy Rockers

A rocking chair is a very old invention for relaxing – ideal to stand next to a fireplace to look at the fire, or just bring it into your yard, rock and enjoy the wind and sunlight. I have prepared a whole range of super modern and comfortable rockers to choose from – for one or more people from different materials and colors, choose yours to relax better this summer!

This classic Cornelia rocker by Giorgio Cattelan is fantastic from the living room to the sun terrace because it is made of steel and can be used anywhere. It’s light enough that you can move it back and forth. This rocker has sober and clean lines and really goes with any decor, from a Victorian cottage look to an elegant metal loft in the city center. Versatile and durable, charming yet contemporary – an amazing choice for outdoors and indoors!

This is the Rocker No.1 chair from Reed Hansuld. The joinery seems too thin to bear the weight. If you look closely at these photos, you’ll see the elegantly integrated steel skeleton that makes it all work. It’s not just that the shape is beautiful with no line or surface out of place. It’s not just his impeccable grain selection, exposed fasteners, or details like the exposed floating tenon joinery. It’s just so wonderfully airy.

This Garden Rocker Lounge for two comes from Sveglio from Italy and is called Volo – Italian for “I Fly”. Each piece is made to order and you can choose from white, silver, antique bronze and black for the geometric frame and then between canvas shade, canvas iris, spectrum denim, spectrum peacock, heritage granite or canvas tuscan for your color. Custom color frames and fabrics are also available. The lounger is super comfortable and relaxing due to its hammock principle. It is built for two people, which is not typical for a lounger. Invite your sweetheart over and have a great time lying and talking together.

Inspired by the calligraphic script of the Arabic Diwani, Ahmed ElHusseiny from AE Superlab designed a sculptural rocker with a flowing form. The linear “ribs” of the DIWANI CHAIR fit together and form a minimalist overall design that has been carefully worked out through precise engineering. The curvy, sensual silhouette is exaggerated by the dramatic lowness and depth of the seat, while the contoured shape makes it feel like you want to sit back and relax.

Alex Petunin’s DP chair looks almost like it has a candy-covered center. The design is modern, versatile and lively. The chair can be used in two different ways – as a lounge to lean back on or as a rocker. This is a functional feast for the eyes that is suitable for many modern spaces from the living room to the children’s room. The colorful stoppers hold it in place and prevent users from rocking too far.

The Odu Rocker envisaged by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from Confused-Direction is a functional mixture of bed and rocking chair. It’s eye-catching and original. An interesting feature is that by adjusting their position, the user can automatically shift the center of gravity of the seesaw and transform it from an armchair into a day bed and vice versa.

The Varaschin Outdoor Therapy combines tradition and modernity with the Summerset Rocking Armchair. Designed by French designer Christophe Pillet, the piece includes the well-known steel mesh structure that defines the body of their chairs. The new design seeks to add more contemporary elements and visualize a modern reinterpretation of a historic and sophisticated design. The Summerset Rocking Armchair was developed for outdoors and has a powder-coated steel grille. The legs, whose protective treatment is suitable for marine and pool areas, can be customized in a range of colors to match the trendy iroko wood base.

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