Compact Stylish And Portable Kangeri Nomadic Radiator

The cold season has started and many of us have already started using radiators. We’ve already introduced you to some uniquely designed models, and here is another model you might like. Satyendra Pakhale developed the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator as a plug-in and portable heater designed to warm up rooms close to the user. Its name comes from a kanger, a pot of hot embers that the Kashmiri usually keep under their traditional clothing to keep warm. The main bulbous body of the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is made of powder-coated aluminum with an integrated oak handle. A power cord protrudes from the base of the device, which is held above the ground by three easy-to-maneuver wheels. The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is easy to move and can easily be placed in any living room or office. This immediately creates a comfortable warm zone.

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