Cool Backyard Pond Design Ideas

It’s almost summer and in some regions it’s already summer, it’s warm and there’s lots of sunlight. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, especially if you have a garden, there is a great idea to make your garden more natural – to add a pond! We have put together a number of ideas and pond designs in different styles, with different plants and even fish. If you like a more sophisticated twist, make a pond near your entrance or home and create a path over it. For a more organic design, choose rocks, moss, water lilies and carp or other fish, and a water cascade or fountain would change the look. We hope you will enjoy the photos and maybe find something for your own garden.

Best pond plants

We also have some tips to make your pond look very natural. Planting plants in your pond is just as important as planting outside of the pond. Not only do they look great, but they also filter wanters to keep them fresh. There are three types of aquatic plants that you need to know about.

Bog plantsare those that have roots and are planted underwater near the edges of the pond. You can just put them in large pots and place them where you need them. In nature these plants help to control the erosion of the pond bank. They also act as natural water filters. The most popular bog plants include corkscrew rush, various iris varieties, cattail, Cyperus alternifolius (umbrella palm), broadleaf arrowhead and many others.

Floating plants are the ones that float on the surface. Many of them are quite invasive and difficult to control. Among these plants are: pistia (water lettuce), ivy-leaved duckweed, frog bit, salvinia minima (water velvet) and so on.

Pond plants are those that are potted underwater and can be planted at any depth. They grow long stems so you can see beautiful flowers above the surface of the water. The most popular pond plants that everyone knows are water lilies and lotus.

Backyard pond varites

There are many types of ponds that you can build in your garden. Among the most popular are those made from natural stones. Such ponds are reminiscent of the beautiful lakes that can be found in the mountains. The next type are contemporary ponds. They look great around modern homes and in well-kept backyards where all green is cropped. Plus, you can even make a pond for your deck that can even be moved around if necessary. In our gallery you will also find interesting ideas for aboveground, natural swimming and koi ponds. They are great too.

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