Cool Tips To Easily Renovate Your Living Room

Sometimes you don’t have to waste a lot of time or money transforming or enhancing your interior. Here are some tips from designers on how to do this with your living room decor quickly and easily.

  1. Change the textiles. Curtains, pillows and carpets give your living room a whole new look. Another idea is to reupholster your sofa and chairs to make a statement – it helps make a statement too.
  2. Light accents. Add some bright details: pillows, tables, vases, planters, chairs, and so on.
  3. Create a spectacular accent wall. Try accent wallpaper, paint, or just add textures.
  4. Luxurious chandeliers or lamps with large shades. Such a piece also makes and accentuates and refreshes the room decoration.
  5. Add a unique piece of furniture or accessory. An antique desk, dresser and mirror can become a pearl of your interior.
  6. Use free corners. There are spaces behind the sofa, near the windows, etc. that can be used for storage so your room doesn’t look cluttered.
  7. Add houseplants or change their place. The green is always refreshing and makes every room more comfortable. So don’t hesitate to fill a few places with it.

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