Cool Track Lighting Ideas

We often spend a lot of time choosing décor, furniture, and accessories, but what about lights? Lights can easily change the look or make a statement in your home, and they have already become an important part of the interior design. Today I want to talk about track lighting, which is perfect for any modern home if you want to highlight part of it.

Track lights can be used in any room and area. They are flexible in size, appearance and position. While gorgeous pendant lights and brilliant chandeliers steal the spotlight, track lighting has its own appeal. The ability to provide light with different intensities and at different angles gives track lighting its uniqueness.

Track lighting can be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and even hallways and anywhere they have a modern feel. They are also very helpful in rooms where you need a lot of light in a certain area, for example to work in a home office. You can use track lights to highlight works of art or display units.


In the kitchen, we usually emphasize a kitchen island or breakfast area. Keep the track lights in the same style and colors as the entire kitchen: they can be whitewashed, black, copper, or any other, they vary in size, and you can change the light intensity. The countertops can also be lit with them because you are cooking there and above your dining area.

living room

In living spaces or areas, you can try highlighting artwork or photos on the walls or moldings. Sculptures and other focal points can easily be illuminated with track lights. You can also highlight your sitting or reading area in the living room or in an artificial fireplace. The track lights can even be spread around the entire perimeter of the room if you so choose. And again, keep the track lights in the same style and colors as your room, they should continue the decor line and not contrast.


Here you can emphasize your sleeping zone or another work of art. Track lights can act as the main light source as they are convenient. If the bedroom is small and white, it is especially good if there is enough light. If the ceilings are too high, just hang some string and put track lights on them.


Track lights are very popular for use in hallways because they are functional and bring enough light that you don’t need other lights. Accentuate your artwork, photos, bookshelves or displays, or just hang them across the hallway.

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