Cool White And Yellow Kitchen Design Vetronica by Meson

If you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen design and are looking for a fresh and modern color solution, Meson’s Vetronica will likely help you make the right choice. This is the kitchen in yellow and white colors that are in perfect harmony. These colors can add a light yet delicate look to your kitchen design. You can also enrich your interior with black elements. Such contrasting items could make the kitchen more stylish and trendy. Vetronica was designed by Mirco Zanini and presents itself as a very functional and ergonomic piece of furniture that is characterized by its amazing design and excellent quality. The island can be as close to a wall as it is in the middle of a room. In the second variant it can be used as a room divider and enables the organization of several zones in one room. If you want more information on this white and yellow kitchen, please visit Meson’s website.

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