Counterweight Chandelier

Industrial and even steampunk-inspired designs have become popular with many homeowners and designers creating such interiors. Extended pipes, rusty metal, unique yet inspiring designs characterize the industrial and Stwmapunk decor. This is very chic and unusual. If you are one of the lovers of such styles and are perhaps looking for a cool industrial chandelier with an eye-catching design, this article will help you, because today we are sharing the Alison Berger chandelier series, which is inspired by Galileo’s gravitational disc studies.

These chandeliers are all about counterweights and pulleys. They have a cool mechanically inspired design. They combine crystal wheels, weights and hand-blown pendants. Each component can be raised and lowered, making the counterbalanced chandelier a changeable creation. It is perfect for people who like to move things. It’s not just a chandelier, it’s a unique interactive accessory or decoration that definitely deserves attention.

These chandeliers can be a focal point in any room, whether modern or industrially inspired. It’s also ideal for engineers, architects, machinists – and anyone else who values ​​construction and movement. It is a piece of lighting that invites participation, and I am sure it will not go unnoticed in any interior.

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