Creating Furniture Yourself

Many of us love DIY furniture and accessories because they make it possible to get something unique. But what if you’re not that good at crafting and want something modular to choose and use? There is a good idea for you and those of you who want to create something special, something of your own.

The Design 3.0 series by DesignLibero examines how designers can design, assemble and sell products themselves. The collection of self-produced objects includes furniture and lighting, each built with a system of 3D-printed joints and easy-to-find materials made of wood or plastic. From the elegant side table to the playful lamp, each one is stylish, efficient and quick to manufacture.

Create your own hangers, lamps, shelves and other things that you like with these amazing furniture kits. The joints can be white or black, the pieces of furniture are available in warm light wood, all parts will be stable thanks to different joints that you can choose.

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