Creative Ideas For Reusing Old Wine Barrels

Wine barrels aren’t just for old-fashioned merchant ships and artisanal vineyards; Both designers and interior trendsetters are reusing old wine barrels for a variety of stylish purposes, from tables to planters to cleverly repurposed bars. The beauty of wine barrels lies in their simple, organic appearance. Attractive but sturdy wine barrels are not only built for rugged travel, but are also designed to be reused. For centuries, households have used unused wine barrels for everything from the bathtub to the bar stool.

With these 38 ideas for reusing old wine barrels, you can now seamlessly integrate your own wine barrel creation into your home. Because they require minimal space and even less labor, these wine barrel mounts are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and are perfect any time of year. Whether you’re looking to add some old-fashioned vino charm to your home or you own a wine barrel that needs a makeover, you’ve come to the right place for repurposing old wine barrel ideas!

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