Credenzas To Make Statement

A sideboard is a sideboard that is often used in dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms to store various things and can be used as a home bar. Today I’m going to inspire you with some of the coolest modern sideboards that you can use to make a bold statement in your home design.

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? If so, you will love this sideboard! Its design is reminiscent of sweets like no other! The door and drawer fronts are made of solid and veneered maple. Hardware and base are made of blackened steel. The design is a fresh take on mid-century modern furniture with a twist. Such a playful and capricious piece will be a compliment to any modern interior.

The explosion cabinet is made of maple, glass and stainless steel. As a closed unit, the piece stands as a wooden sideboard with transparent side walls that give an insight into its fascinating volume. A central vertical seam invites a physical reaction: with a slight pressure, the inner rails slide further and further apart until the impression is created that the cabinet has broken out of its original shape. As its exterior extends and extrudes outward, it maintains aesthetically beautiful geometric proportions.

If you need a cool, minimalist piece, albeit fun and colorful, with a slight mid-century accent, then this is your thing – Credenza by Chuck Routhier. It’s simple, minimalist, practical and yet manages to break out with its very own personality: happy, robust, the little train that could! The piece is handcrafted from 1 “Baltic birch plywood, with rubberized legs and a selection of reversible, felt-covered sliding doors.

Big Sur Credenza is inspired by the Big Sur region of central California. The piece is mostly unusual because of the straight lines and the amazing wood: a waviness in the wood on one side and a large scarred latch on the other. The web page is handmade, there are 4 drawers hidden behind it. The second part of the sideboard has a unique lock where you can see the remaining imperfection of the wood.

The Birch Bark series cabinets feature door panels made from birch bark, harvested in northeast Alaska, and paired with black or white lacquered cabinets for a modern look. Since the bark of every tree is unique, the bark doors are also guaranteed to be unique. The cabinets come in a variety of sizes, from bedside tables to sideboards, to make sure there is one that suits your needs.

Bar / Sotti is multifunctional in that it could act as a sideboard type storage item or a really cool home bar. The piece was made from gray and tangerine Corian by Studio Vitty and gives it a dynamic look. A grid pattern was cut into the sliding doors and graphic patterns were used on the tray and bucket containing ice or a bottle. The bucket can even be used as a vase or a planter.

Inspired by stained glass windows in holy places, the colorful Credenza series uses contemporary graphic patterns and playful colors. The pieces have been made by highly skilled Italian artisans who still use the thousand year old manual technique. Similar to the stained glass windows, the pieces have been designed to allow light to pass through them, changing the appearance of the room in which they are presented.

This is a series of artistic, hand-painted sideboards to really get excited about! The classic sideboard has a powder-coated steel base with a streamlined minimalist shape. The sideboard has a unique twist on the front. Zoe’s painting graces the front, providing a sharp contrast between clean lines and a richly lacquered front.

This unique diamond sideboard is a faceted and entirely handcrafted piece. Contains two doors, two drawers and a shelf. The interior is made of gold leaf. The legs are manually lined with gold leaf. The sideboard is made of wood with silver leaf and a translucent amethyst with a high-gloss lacquer. It is inspired by the Gothic.

Instead of opening with conventional doors, Sebastian Errazuriz’s Wave Cabinet is accessed by pulling back one of the many slats along its length to create an opening in the shape and a fan-like pattern on the surface. The white lacquered Baltic birch slats form the top and two longest sides of the horizontal cuboid cabinet, which sits on four steel legs.

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