Customizable Short And Tall Table To Suit Any Environment

Soapbox has released two new customizable designs: the Short Table and the Tall Table, which change based on your needs. The size, materials and design of the short and high tables by Soapbox can be adapted to any environment. The Short Table is available in 6 sizes from 12.24 inches to 30.42 inches. It has 18-inch legs and can be used as a low end table, plant stand, or coffee table. The Tall Table has 30-inch legs, making it perfect for work areas, kitchens, and entrance areas. It is available in 5 sizes that also range from 12.24 inches to 30.42 inches. Both tables are available in 3 materials – walnut, cherry and maple – with 6 hardware options – galvanized, white, black, green, orange and blue.

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