Cute Kids Lamp

Reminiscent of Baymax, the adorable, fluffy robot companion from the movie Big Hero 6, Bero is a friendly smart lamp that lights up and gives your home a loving warmth. The Bero is a perfect addition to a children’s room. It offers them a dear friend to trust or whom they can trust, and at the same time is a beacon of light, hope and happiness for them.

The Bero comes as a pair with a large Bero that functions as a standalone lamp, while the small Bero can be carried around and used as a mini flashlight. The large Bero sits about a foot high and contains an RGB LED module. The module is controlled by a native app and can replicate nearly 16 million colors by playing around with the RGB ratios. The app even lets the lights pulsate gently or even acts as an alarm notification. It is interesting that the Bero still does not look like any electronic device. It doesn’t come with an on / off switch, but needs to be gently pressed on the head or body to turn it on or off.

What is unique about the Bero lamp is that it combines beautiful character design with product design to create a lamp that has a strong emotional connection. The Bero becomes a truly interactive toy / lamp for children and adults who love to be young at heart.

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