Danish Loft With Holiday Decor

The holidays are over, but we have a feast for the eyes from them: this is a stunning Danish loft decorated for the holidays. Get ready to pass out! This 118 square meter apartment is located in Copenhagen, Denmark but has a Moroccan feel to it. The owners think that the best way to do something is to do something for the house yourself, to personalize it. That’s why they did a lot.

The ceilings are very high and the owners took advantage of this: they filled the attic with light and kept it white to reflect even more light. The original wooden beams gave the living room that cozy rustic feel that we love. The owners used them to hang some ornaments and lights for the holidays. The wood floors are whitewashed for a Scandinavian flair, and you can see an artificial Christmas tree with no decor, just a few pine cones around it. Next to it is a basket with firewood and pine cones to give it a cozy touch.

The seating area has a modern blue sofa and rustic coffee table and I can say the style and harmony of the parts is amazing! There is a fireplace in the corner that is used not only for a cool look but also for warmth. All the striped rags were brought from Morocco.

The bedroom is simple, clean and in the loft. There is a small round window and the bedding adheres to the chosen color scheme: it is light blue. The bedroom is very cozy and not lit – who needs lots of light in a place to relax?

The bathroom is also white with white subway tiles and wooden floors. Small wood and rattan accents here and there make the room cozier. Even the faucets are antique to avoid too much sheen and make the bathroom peaceful.

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