Dark Exterior House

This modern in Silver Lake California by architect Aaron Neubert is newly built and impresses with its dark exterior. Let’s also take a look at the interiors.

Overall, the color palette has a nice Scandinavian flair with the colors black, white and a lot of warmth from wood. The kitchen, dining room and living room are combined into one open space that is widespread today. The kitchen is in the corner and is submerged from the rest of the room with a built-in bookcase. Black cabinets are soothed with white countertops and a backsplash and warm wood furniture.

The dining area goes perfectly with the space with a black dining table and warm wooden chairs, and there is a statement piece of art to visually define this zone. The living room is furnished with a black leather sofa, wicker chairs and a unique coffee table made of rough wood. Some of the units here are clearly mid-century modern units, but it adds coziness to the space.

The work area features an unusual wooden desk with a few drawers, a geometric piece of art, and a cowhide-inspired rug. The floor lamp is a fresh take on an antique candelabra. The bathroom has a shower, a small washroom and dark tiles on the floor. The washbasin is double, made of warm wood and has a white worktop.

The bedroom is very simply furnished and revolves around the view – the glass walls create a strong connection with the outdoors. Get inspired and steal some ideas!

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