Decorate Bedroom Mirors

Forget the feng shoi principle of not placing a mirror in your bedroom and let’s see how you can put it to good use there. A mirror in your bedroom can visually enlarge the room or create a beautiful focal point. If you don’t have a separate dressing room or walk-in closet, a mirror in the bedroom is a must. A mirror in a beautiful frame will accentuate any interior and make your bedroom look bigger. Here are some tips for decorating with mirrors.

Enlarge your bedroom

  1. More light. Does the room seem dark and small? Buy a large floor mirror and put it next to the window. Natural light is reflected and fills the entire room, making it lighter and therefore more spacious.
  2. Another dimension. Put in two tall mirrors to reflect the ceiling. For the greatest effect, hang a large crystal chandelier.
  3. More volume. Put a mirror in the corner to add volume to your room. Just make sure that it reflects something good and not a radiator.

How to decorate with mirrors in your bedroom

  1. Wardrobe with mirrored doors. Put such a closet in front of the window so that it reflects more light and you will have a place to store your clothes and a mirror to dress in front of it.
  2. Between the windows or next to the window. The wall between the windows is usually plain so you can place your mirror there to reflect the nicest parts of the room.
  3. One step beyond. Put a mirror across from the entrance to enlarge that corner of the room. You can store your clothes there and it will be a perfect room full of light.
  4. Entrance to the bathroom from your bedroom. This entrance can be mirrored to expand the space and see you in full length.
  5. Mirror in the headboard. This wall is usually the focal point in any bedroom. So when you mirror them, especially if they are original mirrors, you get an eye-catching look.

If you like large headboards and modern decor at the same time, combine tall framed mirrors and make a large headboard in the center. Add some of the lamps to bring out the symmetry.

If you’re a fan of gorgeous vintage looks, try an old French style mirror screen that will add sophistication to your bedroom.

Flashy framed mirrors above your bed can add style and beauty without being oversized.

Two large and one small mirror in a spectacular frame in between give your bedroom a stylish symmetry and look eye-catching.

  1. Mirror above the dresser. If you don’t know how to fill the wall above the dresser, hang a mirror. Such a duo is practical and beautiful.
  2. Above the fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, go for a traditional French or English chic solution – hang an oversized mirror over it, you won’t regret it!
  3. Decorative combinations of several mirrors. Gather a collection of mirrors that are similar in at least one characteristic – shape, finish, or color of the frame – or buy identical ones and use them as an accent.

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