DIY Shelves: 60 Ingenious Ways To Create More Space At Home

DIY shelves are an easy way to create more storage space in a busy room. Of all the DIY projects for your home, wall shelves are the unique way to store things in your room at no additional cost. If you have a crowded room, two shelves would make a difference.

DIY shelves

Floating shelves are great interior design ideas. Above all, DIY custom shelves are a great way to store things in your home or office.

The DIY shelves we selected have special characteristics. Each design is a storage solution. All you need to do is figure out where your wall studs are before installing them.

The great thing about DIY shelves is that you don’t need a circular saw, for example, to make the storage shelves.

DIY shelves

There are many types of custom DIY shelves to choose from, some are designed for home decoration and small items, others provide a storage solution. A DIY shelf can serve material or stylistic purposes. For example, you can use barn wood or plywood sheets. You can also build a wardrobe or add more storage space in the garage.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves

Versatile and storage efficient, floating shelves are known for their simplicity and are perfect for displaying small items. What’s special about floating shelves is the fact that they hide assembly equipment, allowing them to float in the air for the viewer.



Bookshelves can be used for other things, such as small items. If you have a craft room at home, then you probably have a few books. Interior design experts recommend mixing decorations to create visual appeal.

Corner shelf

Corner shelves

Corner shelves are a great idea for small homes. A corner shelf can be floating, hanging or freestanding. Depending on your space, you can also make custom shelves. Corner shelves also add meaning to a corner area in a room.

Hanging shelf

Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are hung from a wall, ceiling or the bottom of a closet. The style would be ideal for a craft room and if you have lots of small items.

Built-in shelves

Built-in shelves are custom-made to fit into specific corners or empty spaces. For example, they can be installed in the area between a door and a wall. They are practical and suitable for small spaces or minimalist interiors.

Shelves with fixed support

Wooden shelves with exposed brackets

This is the most common type of shelf today. All you need is a thick wooden board or planks. The consoles are vertical supports for the wooden boards.

Custom-made shelves don’t have to be hard. When it comes to DIY projects, keep it simple. They are attached to the wall with brackets, which are often made of metal. They are similar to floating elements, except in this case you can see the assembly parts.

Freestanding shelves

Wooden shelves with exposed brackets

These are shelves that do not require assembly equipment. They do not need to be attached to a surface and can stand on their own. A big advantage of freestanding shelves is the flexibility they offer. You can easily move them around as you wish.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are popular for good reason. They are versatile and ideal for any wall space and modern interior design.

Wooden shelves with exposed brackets

7 Easy Steps to Make Floating Shelves

Here’s how to make floating shelves from scratch:


  • two 28” long 1×10 boards
  • two 28” long 2×3 boards
  • six 7 ¾” long 2×3 boards
  • two 29 ½” long 1×4 boards
  • four 9 ¼” long 1×4 boards
  • two 28” x 9 ¼” plywood sheets

Step 1 – Cut the Wood

Step 2 – Drill the holes

Take the six shortboards and drill two pocket holes in each (both on the same end and about 2 inches from the sides of the board).

Step 3 – Attach the boards

Take 3 of these shortboards and attach them to a longboard (the 28” 2×3). Place two shortboards at the ends and a third in the middle.

Step 4 – Attach the shelf to the wall

Mark the locations where the screws will be placed when attaching the shelf frame to the wall. Then pre-drill the holes in the frame and attach it to the wall with screws.

Step 5 – Add the Soil

Take one of the pieces of plywood and hold it against the bottom of the frame. Mark the frame lines with a pencil. Add wood glue inside the lines and attach the bottom piece to the frame. Attach it with nails.

Step 6 – Add the Top

Repeat the same process for the top of the shelf. Attach the top with glue and nails.

Step 7 – Add the Sides

Add the remaining pieces to the sides and front of the shelf in the same manner. Then you’re done. If you want, you can sand and paint the shelf.

Repurposed crate shelves

Using wooden boxes to make shelves is like a shortcut for DIY projects. Here are some ideas you can try:

Single crate racks

DIY crate shelves after painting

It’s easy to turn a few wooden boxes into wall shelves. There is no need to cut anything. To create shelves, all you need to do is attach the boxes to the wall using screws and dowels.

However, the first step is to stain the boxes to give them the desired look. This part is easy and all you need is sandpaper, wood stain, and old clothing. Learn more about this project and other DIY projects at theblondielocks.

Large box shelves

Create modular shelves from boxes

If you want, put boxes together and put together a large wall unit. They don’t have to be the same dimensions or the same shape, as long as you can combine them like pieces of a puzzle and end up with a good looking composition.

Check out more DIY projects at alightdelight for examples of what such designs would look like.

Vertical crate tower racks

Tower stacked boxes

Several wooden boxes can also be stacked to form a tower unit. You can build dividers into each box to create more shelves. The result is a simple-looking shelf that you can make from boxes, wooden boards, plywood, and brackets. The construction process is described on dreamalittlebigger. For more information, see the tutorial.

Industrial shelves

To give shelves an industrial look, you can rely on certain materials, finishes and design techniques.

Hanging copper shelves

Industrial copper pipe shelves

Copper tubing is popular in many great designs for things like DIY shelves, decorative frames, and other accent pieces. A stylish version is offered on delineateyourdwelling. To make it you will need copper pipe hooks, cork coasters and scissors. You can attach the cork base to the hooks with tape.

Copper hardware

Shelves made of copper nails

Copper hardware is an accent detail for shelves when you don’t want the industrial look to play a role in the design.

You will need copper pipe cut into pieces, wooden dowels, screws, anchors, MDF pieces, wood glue and wooden boards. The list of consumables is extensive. So check out Vintagerevivals for instructions on how to use them.

Copper pipe bracket

Chic and simple copper shelves

You can also find a similarly chic and simple design at ajoyfulriot. The shelves themselves don’t have to be special in any way. In addition, you will need screws, copper plug adapters, screws and copper pipe caps.

The DIY shelves work well for rooms in the hallway, entryway, kitchen, laundry room or basically any room that could use some simple extra storage space.

L shelf brackets

Highlighting hardware for shelves

If you want to add a subtle industrial touch to your shelves, shelf brackets offer certain advantages. Shelves with brackets are minimalist and easy to make. Screw L-brackets under the board and then screw them into the wall. The project is extremely simple and the full description can be found here.

Pipe shelf brackets

Industrial bookshelves with pipes

DIY shelves combine character and space. If you use pipes, anything is possible. Check out gloriousmade for a list of materials. The pipes in this example are heavy and were laid vertically so that they do not sag.

Shelves made from recycled wood

Using reclaimed wood shelves for DIY projects is something we love. Not only are they an effective way to add character and charm, but they are also an easy way to stay eco-friendly.

Weathered shelves

Rustic shelves made from reclaimed wood

Do you need inspiration? How about the beautiful kitchen shelves from Keepingitcozy? The first step should be to sand the wood if it is weathered. You can stain it first and then assemble the shelves.

Distressed finish

IKEA shelves made from reclaimed wood

A floating shelf is subtle and simple. If you don’t want to use reclaimed wood or can’t find it, but you want your shelves to have a distressed look, there are ways to source it.

You can check out the method used at Sugarandcloth. The project is easy and all you need is some unfinished wood shelves, wood stain, a paint brush, a dowel, and brackets.

metal pipes

Floating wall shelves made from reclaimed wood

For the DIY shelves featured on Bigplanslittlevictories, the list of materials includes scrap wood, metal pipes, and a few other things like a table saw, tape measure, sandpaper, screws, and a drill.

Here you will also find step-by-step instructions to guide you from start to finish, from the moment you make a template on the wall to the moment you can enjoy the finished product.

Pallet wood shelf

Pallet shelves for pictures

Pallets are also a great resource when it comes to DIY shelves. The transformation is not complex unless you want it to be. The pallet shelves presented on Diyandcraftsideas are transparent.

Triple pallet wood rack

Wooden shelves with exposed brackets

You can change the palette to get the design you want. A good example is this project from Meandmadeline. It all started with a wooden pallet. The pallet was cut into three separate pieces and three different shelves were made from these pieces.

Marble shelves

Wood is the material of choice when it comes to shelves and many other pieces of furniture and home accessories.


Marble shelving system

Marble makes an excellent shelf. The basic idea is to use marble tiles instead of wooden boards. The rest of the design and construction process remain the same. {kristimurphy}

Marble tile

Hanging marble shelf - flower vase

You can find a really cute and stylish hanging shelf, also made of marble tiles, at abubblylife. In addition to the marble tile, you will also need leather tape and scissors if you want to recreate the design.

First, cut two lengths of cable of equal length. Tie each end into a knot with a loop at the top. Lay the cords crosswise and place the tile on top. Tie a knot where the cords meet at the top. You can use the shelf as a hanging planter stand.

Floating shelves

The simplicity of floating shelves often leads us to underestimate them, when in fact they are practical and versatile.

Copper shelves

DIY copper shelves

There are variations of floating shelves. This is a striking example from vintage revivals. The DIY shelves would stand out in any interior design.

Log wood shelves

Stained wood shelves

Beckhamandbelle’s log shelves are not lacking in style either. Their beauty and charm lies in their simplicity and perfectly balanced proportions. The stain color is also well chosen and emphasizes the natural beauty and unique pattern of the wood.

Wooden shelves

Wooden floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage space to a small room without taking up floor space. The dining room can be a good example in this case. Check out the elegant shelves you can add on a budget. You can customize the dimensions of the shelves to suit your individual needs. {heyletsmakestuff}.

Floating corner shelves

Design corner shelves

You can also find a great corner shelf design on Ahomewest. A corner shelf is great because it allows you to utilize an empty part of a room. You can customize the spacing between DIY shelves as well as the pattern they create.

L-shaped corner shelves

White floating corner shelves

If floating corner shelves are a beautiful addition to rooms including home offices, living rooms and bedrooms. They are easy to make and install if you have a plan for the end result. The list of materials needed includes wooden boards, wood screws, fasteners, paint, glue, a drill, a saw and sandpaper.

For more details, you can check out the example on Abeautifulmess.

Personalized floating shelves

Ikea Float Hack shelves

If you’d rather not make the shelves yourself from scratch, there’s also the option of purchasing them and then quickly remodeling them. For a little inspiration, check out the Ikea hack featured on Abubblylife. The project shows you how to add a pop of color to your floating shelves using contact paper.

Office shelves

Floating shelves made from reclaimed wood

Floating shelves are extremely practical in areas such as the kitchen or home office. They offer additional storage space and are very practical. If you want to be creative, you can also use your floating shelves as drawers. Find out more about it on notjustahousewife.

Magazine holder

Interesting floating shelves for magazines

DIY floating shelves like the one at Atilio are interesting because they offer more. In this case, the shelf doubles as a magazine holder, which is a great idea to avoid clutter. To add this functionality a few simple things are needed: hooks, a string and two wooden beads.

Geo shelves

Geometric designs are a cool way to create more storage space in your room. They are suitable for modern and contemporary interiors, but are generally very versatile and can adapt well to many other environments.

Honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb shelves for the wall

These honeycomb shelves look really chic and are not that difficult to make. The challenge is to cut the pieces of wood at exactly the right angle.

Hexagonal shelves

You can start building modern honeycomb shelves

You can find further instructions for making hexagonal wall shelves on Burkatron. They can be combined and installed in groups to create a honeycomb pattern.

Two-tone hexagonal shelves

DIY geometric wall shelves

And since hexagonal shelves seem to be so popular and versatile, here’s another guide on how to make them.

The ones featured on sheknows are special because of the color combination. The interior was painted a beautiful turquoise tone while the rest of the wood retained its natural color.

Grid shelves

Lattice house shelves

The versatility of geometric shelving designs can best be seen in these grid shelves. They are perfect for planters or vases, but also as bookshelves or even as key holders for the entrance area. To make a shelf like this, you’ll need a piece of Union Jack radiator cover, industrial glue, and some spray paint. {found on francoisetmoi}

Triangular shelves

Make your own triangular shelves

The beauty of the triangular shelves presented on wellmadeheart lies in their simplicity. They are ideal for a modern or contemporary interior, but also for a rustic, traditional or eclectic environment. In addition, you can play with proportions and combine shelves of different sizes.

Intertwined shelves

Cool triangular shelf

Other, slightly more complex designs are also an interesting possibility. For example, check out the geometric shelves we found on livecreatedecorate. To make such shelves you will need some wood, a saw, wood glue, small wooden nails, matte polyurethane, white acrylic paint, tape and sandpaper.

Round shelves

Modern round shelves

Round shelves look really attractive and their shape makes them stand out in a really simple and chic way. Of course, the small details also play a very important role.

We found a really cute project on thelovelydrawer. Keep in mind that these are decorative shelves and cannot support a lot of weight.

Round shelf platforms

Hanging round wooden shelf

The round wall shelf presented on newblooming takes design to a whole new level. Materials needed for the DIY project include suede lace, quilting frame, staples, glue, and basswood panels.

For more details and a little more inspiration, check out the full description of the project.

DIY hanging shelves

Hanging shelves are very versatile and fit into most rooms. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from.

Hanging shelf with leather straps

Hanging shelf with leather straps

Hanging shelves are usually very easy to design and build. Camille styles offer a clear example in this sense.

This project is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You’ll need a strip of leather, a wooden board, ribbed plastic anchors, metallic gold spray paint, painter’s tape, and a drill.

Paint the edge of the board gold, drill holes in the leather and screw the strip to the board.

Anchor hanging shelf

Hanging shelf made of PVC pipes

A similar but different project is presented on atilio. This time the list of supplies includes a bundle of PVC pipes or other types of poles or rods. These will be used as the base for the shelf. A rope is used to hang the shelf on the wall after installing the hooks.

Wood bead accents

Bathroom hanging shelf

Another really simple hanging shelf design, also found at atilio, shows how you can give the shelf a chic and stylish look using simple wooden beads. For this project, in addition to the two wall hooks, all you need is a wooden board, four wooden beads and some rope, twine or string.

Hanging Storage

Transform wooden box into a modern suspension

This hanging shelf consists of a box. The wall color serves as a beautiful back wall. The shelf style is a great idea and simple. In addition to the wooden box, you will also need some paint, a rope, a drill and a brush. After drilling the holes on each side of the wooden box, thread the rope through them and tie a knot at each end. You can also use old boxes for this style.

Paint the outside and hang the shelf. {found on brit}

Tiered shelves

Cord hanging shelves for the kitchen

You can use this or a similar technique to group two or more shelves. Curious what such a design would look like? Check out Designsponge for a great example. The materials needed in this case include a rope, wooden shelves, a drill, paint in the color of your choice and two hooks.

Thread the ends of the rope through the holes on the first shelf and tie a knot under the shelf. Then thread them through the bottom shelf and tie a knot again.

DIY shelves with belt straps

Hanging shelf with leather straps

The belt straps for the shelves presented at athomeinlove offer a versatile and beautiful design idea that can be adapted to many different projects. The two shelves presented here have the same design and, although they are individual pieces, form a beautiful duo.

Neon colored cord shelves

Colorful strings used to hang shelves on the wall

Hanging shelves can be customized in many fun and eye-catching ways. Using three floating shelves, poly string, spray paint, tape, and glue gun, you can make shelves that look very similar to the ones on ducklingsinarow. The pink cord gives them a really fun look and in addition the ombre look gives the whole design a chic touch.

Old books

Shelves are actually made of books

The project presented on thedecorfix gives the term “bookshelf” a completely new meaning. This is because the shelves are made of books.

Here’s how to do it: Drill holes in the corners of the books. Cover the books with wrapping paper and cover them thinly. After they dry, poke holes in the paper to match those in the books. Measure the yarn, cut it, and thread it through the holes. Tie four knots and then thread the second book through. You can then add the third book and then tie a knot at the top.

Whenever you wanted new ones, you could exchange the books.

Hanging bathroom shelves

How to Make Wooden Hanging Bathroom Shelves

A hanging shelf can be a great addition to a bathroom. You can use it as a storage place for extra toilet paper rolls, lotions and other things. If you would like to use the design offered on Shanty-2-Chic, gather your materials, including two wooden boards, wood screws, wood glue, sisal rope, and a hook.

Rustic wooden shelves

A log can be used in a stylish way to decorate a home, whether you use it as a solid mass or cut it into slices.

Wooden slices

Rustic wooden shelves

Wooden shelves have a rustic touch, making them either stand out or blend in, depending on how the rest of the furnishings are presented. Check out girllovesglam to find out how to make a wooden shelf with a rustic-industrial look.

Edge wood shelves

Rustic wooden shelves for displaying things

Instead of cutting the log into round slices, another option is to cut it lengthwise, creating unedged boards that you can then use as shelves. All you need is a shelf and a set of brackets. Screw the brackets onto the bottom of the shelf and then mount it on the wall. {designsponge}.

DIY shelf brackets

Let’s also take a look at a few different shelf designs where the brackets are more or less the focus.

Rustic shelves

Wooden shelves with exposed brackets

The rustic bathroom shelves on designdininganddiapers can be an example worth looking at. The mounts themselves aren’t exactly exceptional in terms of design, but they look just right here.

Adjustable shelves

Painted shelves in three different designs

With the painted shelves on designlovefest, it’s difficult to tell which element catches the eye the most.

Both the hardware and the painted stripes stand out, but in different ways. You can play with the design, colors, and combinations of styles and patterns in many fun ways.

L brackets

Brackets fit the shelves

Another example where the brackets fit the shelves perfectly is offered on Craftsmandrive. The shelves featured here have an overall simple and versatile design, although the brackets give them more of a rustic feel. The simplicity allows them to feel at home in a modern decor.

Multipurpose shelves

When space is limited or you simply want to make the most of the space available, multifunctional furniture comes to the rescue. This applies to almost everything, including shelves.


Wall organizer shelves with pegboards

A great example of multifunctional shelving is offered on Themerrythought. The pegboard organizer featured here also features built-in shelves that are great for storing and displaying accessories.

Key holder

Multifunctional shelf - keys and storage

The combination of a simple wall shelf and key holder at burkatron is clever and practical. Such an accessory would be a wonderful addition to the entrance area. The shelf provides a cute little space to display a potted plant or something else the key holder does great.

Industrial pipe racks

Industrial wall shelves made from pipes

The industrial pipe shelves featured on onebroadsjourney would be practical for an entrance area or walk-in closet. This is due to their dual function. The tubes that serve as supports for the shelves also serve as rods for hangers. You can put together such a unit yourself. For more information, see the full tutorial.

Shelf with mirror frame

Leaning mirror with shelf

In the design offered on theerrythought, the shelves and the mirror together form a kind of dressing table. However, the design is more casual and simple. You can create something similar by using a large wooden plank as a back support.

Freestanding shelves

DIY shelving system for the study

A similar design, this time for the office, is offered on scandifoodie. The shelf presented here is made in a similar manner, using a large wooden board as a support structure and a series of small shelves attached to it.

The shelves serve as storage and presentation space for books, decorations, files and all sorts of other things. Not only is the design simple and easy to implement, but it also looks quite good in such an environment.

DIY spice rack

A kitchen is not complete without a spice rack. But it’s not that easy to find a model that really suits your kitchen. The solution in such cases is to build the rack yourself.

Mason jar vibe

Spice Rack Shelves

You can find a lot of great tutorials and designs online, including the example offered on hildablue. For this project you will need a wooden shelf, some paint (optional), mason jars, and screws.

Display shelves

Food – yellow shelves for spices

It is important that a spice rack is practical. For this reason, you need to pay special attention to details such as: For example, the type of containers you use or the area where you hang the shelf. If your spice collection is something you can be proud of, check out the idea on confessionsofanewworldhomeowner.

Repurposed shelves

You can make DIY shelves from many things, including reused items. This is a cool way to personalize your decor and avoid throwing away old stuff.

Skateboard shelves


Repurposing items as shelves is a fun and creative idea. For example, an old skateboard could make an eye-catching shelf and you just need to find a way to attach it to the wall. There is no need to remove the wheels or hardware. It is enough to add two brackets. {beingbrook}

Shelf with crutches

Crutches became shelves

A pair of crutches could also become an important design element for a DIY shelving set. Curious how that can be? Check out mamiejanes’ shelf. The first step is to redesign the crutches so that they can become a useful part of the shelf design.

Half table shelves

Stacked side tables become shelves

The list of things that can be converted into shelves is almost endless. For example, an old table can also be sued for such a project. You cut the table lengthwise into two pieces. Stack the two halves on top of each other and your shelf is created. The idea comes from infarrantlycreative.

Repurposed ladder

Ladder turned into shelves

Great DIY shelves can be made from old ladders. For example, a ladder can easily be converted into a shelf. This idea applies to almost every type of leader and each type requires a different transformation. The ladder planter stand featured on funkyjunkinteriors requires little effort and can become a refreshing weekend project.

Picture frame shelves

Old picture frames became shelves

In some cases, certain types of picture frames can also be converted into wall shelves. The transformation couldn’t be easier when it comes to shadow boxing. However, any type of frame can become a shelf with a little help. For more information, see the Shanty-2-Chic tutorial.

Bucket shelves

Plastic bins became shelves

This idea depends on how many shelves you want. Another refreshing and brilliant idea is to convert buckets into wall shelves. The result will look interesting, but also be versatile and practical. Use them as bookshelves and for other cases too. Find more inspiration on ohohblog.

Old shutters

Old shutters became shelves

Shutters can also be turned into shelves and the design options are numerous. By making small changes you can, for example, use a shutter as a magazine rack. As the example on serendipitychicdesign shows, you can make a drastic transformation to get a different but equally interesting type of shelf.

Christmas sleigh style

Christmas snow sleigh turned into a shelf

Let’s end the list with something festive and Christmas-related. We’re talking about a shelf made from a converted sleigh. For more details about the project and the steps you need to take if you want to create more easy-to-understand crafts, visit funkyjunkyinteriors.

Types of Shelf Brackets

Types of Shelf Brackets

Most shelves are attached to the wall with brackets. Here are some of the common styles:

Angled brackets

These are also known as L brackets. They are made of metal, but angle brackets made of wood or plastic are also available. They are arranged at 90 degree angles, hence the name.

Floating brackets

They are simple and modern and don’t stand out as much as other types of brackets. To give shelves a floating look, floating brackets are used, but they are completely invisible.

Invisible brackets

These are the perfect brackets if you want perfect floating shelves. When installed, they are hidden behind the shelf.

Lip clips

A lip clip has a curved lip at the end. This prevents slipping and gives the shelf an additional decorative detail.

Decorative brackets

These brackets should not be hidden. They are not only fastening materials, but also a decorative element for the shelves. They come in different materials and styles.

Pipe brackets

Pipe brackets are sturdy and suitable for heavy shelves. They are also great if you want an industrial look.

Foldable brackets

This type of bracket allows you to install shelves or tabletops that can be folded away when not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are open shelves a fad?

Open shelving was a popular interior design trend a few years ago and hasn’t slowed down since. The shelf style can give your living space a stylish look if you place the right items on the open shelves. If you don’t, open shelves could ruin the theme of a room.

What are static shelves?

Static shelves are fitted into a fixed position and are permanent. They are built into a structure and often serve as a wall mount. Static shelving is typically designed for open storage spaces that require additional loads. Static shelves can be found in warehouses and libraries.

Are open shelves for the laundry room a good idea?

It depends on how often you use your laundry room. In busy washrooms, easy access to detergent and bleach helps you save time. If you have small children, open shelving for your utility room is not a good idea.

What type of wood should I use for open outdoor shelving?

For open shelving outdoors, western red cedar or Siberian larch are two popular options. If you need shelving for your pool chemicals and supplies, open shelving is not recommended. Pool chlorine should not be stored in an open place or exposed to sunlight. Whatever wood you choose, make sure it is weatherproof. You may need to stain the wood surfaces to make your outdoor shelving system last longer.

Can I combine open shelves with hanging storage?

If you combine open shelving with hanging storage in the same room, the best place for this system would be a kitchen or garage. Hanging storage is a system that gives you quick and easy access to tools and other items you use frequently. Open shelves work the same way and are best for heavier items that don’t fit on hooks or on the wall.

Conclusion on the DIY wall shelf

When building DIY wall shelves for your home or office, you need a plan. After you create a budget, visit a few hardware stores and see what they have on offer so you can save money. You can get discounts on home improvement items like tape measures or power tools like a circular saw. If you don’t already have a stud finder, you may want to get one.

Wall shelves are good projects for inexperienced DIYers. Installing corner shelves or garage shelves may require advanced skills. Therefore, ask a best friend for help or at least get their opinion before doing anything.

You can use boxes, pallet wood or wooden boards, among other things, as storage shelves. Before installing your DIY shelves, you need to check what is on the other side of your wall space. A blank wall is a canvas, but understand that there is something behind it, so make sure you know what it is. For heavy storage rooms or garage spaces, you need reinforced containers. Therefore, make sure they are durable.

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