Dramatic Home Colorful Accents

This dramatic home was designed by Chicago interior designer Anthony Michael and I can’t wait to share his beautiful spaces with you!

The kitchen is white, with a large island and a unique pendant light – I would never believe that a lamp can be glamorous and industrial at the same time, but it is! Light bulbs, feathers, and crystal pendants look great together in a glass lampshade or cover. The dining area has bold orange chairs and a large statement piece of art, a mirror and a brass and black chandelier that give the room a glamorous feel.

The living room has a cozy fireplace, statement work of art, and bold blue chairs to enjoy the fire. The second part is taken up by a large sectional sofa and a unique console table made from destroyed wood – imperfections have never looked so good! Also, pay attention to the ceiling: it is vaulted, but looks modern because of the lamps placed in each part. The bedroom has other stunning lamps, a chandelier and a stunning cobalt blue velvet upholstered bed – you know velvet is the trend of the year? A wood grain headboard wall makes the bedroom cozier and more inviting, as does velvet.

The use of materials, textures and atmospheric colors is just amazing, bold accents and works of art let the rooms play in new colors, and this house makes a dramatic statement with its stylish furnishings, while being cozy and relaxing.

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