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Eclectic Home Industrial Chic

Houses can be unique and eye-catching, combining different styles with no effort. Such houses really have character. Today’s house is one of those rooms, it’s a modern, versatile Dutch home.

Absolutely loved the beautiful Amsterdam home of artist Jasper Krabbé – a perfect mix of vintage pieces, finds from trips to Morocco and India and a lot of really great art. Artists always transform their houses into very creative and chic spaces like no other. Some of them even make them look like works of art, and this house is no exception.

The owner mixed shabby chic, industrial styles with creative and sophisticated items. The living room has two pieces of art, each taking up an entire wall, and these two pieces of work set the style and mood – the grunge style with accents of shabby chic. The furniture is vintage and shabby chic: a sofa, chairs and the fireplace are painted black. Striking textiles and leather armchairs make the room look more extraordinary. The fireplace takes center stage: it’s black, sophisticated and with a vintage mirror above it.

The dining area is also designed in vintage and shabby chic styles. Rustic wooden floors and a wooden table, different chairs look cool and go together perfectly. Industrial lamps, a vintage fireplace, and a large mirror make the area versatile. A gallery wall and some works of art by the owner make the dining room more personal.

The kitchen has sleek black surfaces, natural wood cabinets, industrial lamps, and wooden floors. The room is flooded with light and cozy. Stainless steel appliances make the kitchen more modern.

The bedroom also has a black bold fabric fireplace, leather armchair, owner’s oversized artwork, it’s relaxed and soothing.

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