Eclectic Home With Modern Art

This eclectic house full of art is located in Moscow and was designed by Anna Erman. Lots of bizarre works of art are on display throughout the house, even in the children’s room. Let’s take a look at this beautiful space!

The living room, kitchen and dining area are in a cool room that is filled with natural light through large windows. A large sectional area in front of a vintage fireplace, above which you can see a bold sculpture of an artificial animal head. The dining area is furnished with mismatched white chairs and a standout black. You can see unique sculptural chandeliers in black and white with different hangings.

The kitchen is black, it’s made of black wood and black metal. There’s a crystal chandelier, a concrete console for a breakfast table, and some interesting tall stools. The kitchen is located lower than the rest of the room to visually separate the zones.

The master bedroom is furnished with a white upholstered bed, a mid-century sideboard, a lavender scallop chandelier and a vintage chair. The room looks very sophisticated and chic, clean and inviting. The children’s room is furnished with gray and blue furniture. You can see colorful accessories, bold artwork, and an interesting sculpture.

There is also a large swimming pool inside, thanks to the extensive glazing that merges with the outside, and there are very eye-catching chandeliers and a very large male sculpture in black, reminiscent of ancient Greek statues.

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