Eclectic Home

Do you dream of a vacation spot or your own personal paradise? Get inspiration from this tiny 45 square meter house on the island of Ibiza today.

Love the contrast of the original architecture with the modern kitchen and streamlined mid-century furniture – and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape too. Take a look at the original wooden ceiling, it’s beautiful!

The house has been divided into two levels to separate the private zones from the public ones. On the first floor there is a kitchen, bathroom and lounge. The kitchen features an original stone backsplash, wicker benches, and an original rug made by local artisans. The furniture is modern and even minimalist and looks completely natural in such a versatile space.

Above the entrance is a cool display on the upper level that shows various souvenirs, decorations, and pictures. A dining area can be opened to the outside, there are large glass doors.

The bathroom mixes traditional brickwork and concrete with warm wood notes. It looks unique, like the whole house – so versatile!

The small upper level contains a small bedroom by the window, a large bed, and a couple of lamps. Separating this private space was essential so a tiny upper level was added. Nothing unnecessary is required here, and that’s why the bedroom corner is so relaxing.

Outside there is a terrace with a dining area and a hammock for relaxing. What a wonderful place to forget all your troubles!

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