Eclectic Loft Trendy Solutions

This versatile Denver loft is 185.8 square feet and was designed by Rebecca Robeson. Customers requested a casual scheme that was updated with quality furniture, fixtures and finishes. Fulfilling them all was a little difficult, but the designer succeeded.

First, the designer added a contemporary feel to the apartment. Wooden floors have been replaced by wide hardwood planks, creating a uniform appearance throughout the apartment. Used brick veneer and barn wood walls have been added along with new frosted glass doors to create a truly impressive range of finishes and textures.

In the kitchen, Robeson ran an extensive renovation program with bespoke furniture, new tile walls and intricate storage solutions. Exposed pipes on concrete ceilings provide a dynamic, industrial touch. New lighting systems and smart home technologies were implemented throughout.

Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the room and offer a view of the city. The updated bedrooms are especially inviting with fluffy pillows and carpets, while playful decorative items make the loft feel lively. The master bedroom offers a cute combination of rustic, industrial and glamorous styles. A reclaimed wooden wall, exposed pipes, and some crystal lamps and mirrors create a creative and unusual space. The teen’s bedroom is not typical: it’s done in trendy ultraviolet and features a floral pendant light and large floral wall art. Get inspiration from more ideas from this house below!

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