Edgy Minimalist Apartment

Minimal Mine is a renovation project by the Ukrainian interior designer ZOOI. The designers merged two apartments – a one-bedroom apartment and a three-bedroom apartment – to create a comfortable yet modern home for a couple with children who longed for a minimalist space that is full of features and plenty of natural light and views of the big city.

The kitchen, dining room, and living room have been combined to form a larger, open space, but with an oversized sofa that creates some separation. A cozy palette of neutrals fills the public space with splashes of color. The designers’ sketches have been translated into these decorative wall panels that imitate rough stone. A light blue armchair, specially made for this project, appears in front of the anthracite-colored panels.

The master bedroom essentially consists of four rooms in one – a bedroom, a bathroom, a closet and an office. A glass partition is used to separate the bed from the work area with a sliding curtain to provide additional privacy. A large glass window allows a view into the shower, fills it with light and makes the bedroom design more playful. In the kids’ rooms, the project really comes to life with sunny yellow accents, climbing walls and blackboards. The rooms are minimalist yet lively with a bright and cheerful decor that will keep kids happy.

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