Ergonomic Modular Couch

A striking and functional piece of furniture is everything we need for our modern public and private spaces. Today we share a very cool and cute sofa that is suitable for any modern space and has another important advantage.

The new Button sofa for Sweden is ergonomic, user-friendly and lively furniture for public and private spaces. The modular sofa system has large wooden buttons to allow various accessories and to make cleaning easier. Customizable additions to upholstery, sheepskin, storage and tables enable personal and space-specific adaptation.

In addition, the curved wooden frame refers to the history of furniture in Sweden, while the narrow seat and broad arms meet the needs of older sitters. Yes, that’s the benefit I was talking about: this sofa is ideal for furnishing public spaces for the elderly and only for their homes. Its design and functionality make it not only a cool modern piece of furniture for any apartment, but also a modern space for the elderly, that’s a win!

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