Eye Catchy Storage Furniture

The furniture brand UM Project from Brooklyn has made a collection of fantastic storage cabinets from plastic pipe armor, knitted fabric and cast concrete that seem to come from another world.

The Ultraframe collection includes six storage units in different shapes and sizes: a cupboard, a chest of drawers, a console and a bookcase. Strict and geometric frames are complemented by soft or rounded covers, trays or inserts. Many of the pieces combine industrial materials with knitted textiles from the Dutch brand Febrik. The result is both familiar and otherworldly, making a family of pieces that are part furniture and part vessel.

The maple body of Piece A, a chest, is wrapped in folded and layered tubes of blue fabric. It is topped with a flip-up motorized head made from painted aluminum to match a painted MDF door. Likewise, the aluminum frame of the bookcase Part C is covered with phenolic tubes – a type of laminated plastic.

A cast concrete bowl with rounded edges sits in a lacquered white MDF frame on tubular legs and forms part B. The mirrored stainless steel door at the front of the pod has a circular opening for the handle.

Part D is a chest of drawers made of black cork, while Part E is made of cut aluminum layers that can be covered with a fabric cover.

Finally, piece F is faced by fins from Corian. Unlike the others, it has a horizontal shape with a black aluminum and wood drawer.

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