Flat Pack Floor Lamp

They say floor lamps are not trendy these days because they take up too much space that could be used for something else. But that’s not correct! Sometimes a floor lamp can make a statement indoors, and it’s absolutely essential outdoors. Today we’re sharing one of these lamps, a very eye-catching piece designed to accentuate your interior.

The Shift floor lamp by the designers Ruder Novak-Mikulic and Marija Ruzic is a kind of minimal rotation of the director’s lamp. It is easy to adjust and offers directional and backlighting at a variety of angles.

Despite its structural footprint, Shift is packed incredibly flat! To get that flat, the shade is made of perforated sheet metal covered with leather, the diffusers are flat and easy to place, and of course the wooden struts are long but not significantly wide. In three different sizes and a selection of wood surfaces and colors, there is one for every spatial requirement. The piece is available in black and white with natural colored wooden legs.

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