Flat With Concrete Bathtub

London-based architecture firm Klassnik Corporation was asked to build the loft-like house on the sixth floor of a former print shop in Clerkenwell, known as the Ziggurat Building. The team used a number of architectural features to give the house personality.

Surfaces, transparency, different cloudiness, reflection, liquids and movement are combined in the flowing arrangement of the living spaces within the apartment, surrounded by views of the city. The entire interior design is centered around a sculptural bathtub, which is an unexpected touch.

The entrance leads directly to the open living space – a room that makes up more than half the area of ​​the apartment. This curved space is framed by concrete pillars with tapered tips. In contrast, the storage cabinets in the entrance hall are clad in American walnut and form a series of pillars that are intended to simulate “the effect of an architectural enfilade”. Instead of a standard rectangular entrance, the door contains a semicircular cutout that reflects the shape of the pillars in the living room.

The bathroom is hidden behind sliding glass doors. The concrete bathtub stands on one side of this room and on a plinth. Depending on the occasion and the required data protection, this can be revealed or hidden thanks to sliding mechanisms and intelligent glass that changes the transparency. The red flower-shaped faucets add a touch of color to this otherwise minimal space. There is also a large spout that makes filling the tub with water ceremonial. Sliding glass walls can be transformed to reveal or hide this traditionally most private space at the push of a button.

The master bedroom is directly connected to the bathroom and has a wardrobe with rose gold stainless steel doors. A small home office is a cute corner with a wood structure and warmth, which makes it super cozy. The other rooms in the house are a guest room and toilet, which are separate from the main bathroom.

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