Floating Shelves Ideas

Floating shelves are those with hidden brackets, and they look very cool and chic. Such shelves easily fit many types of decor and many themes and styles. Floating shelves are widely used in many indoor spaces these days and fit into any room. So let’s take a look at where and how you can use them.


Any kitchen will look amazing with floating shelves: traditional, rustic, art deco, modern, minimalist or any other. Use wood as the material for them: reclaimed, natural MDF doesn’t matter, and rock shelves like this to store dishes and cups, organize a drinks station or display cool accessories. Try raw edged floating shelves for the kitchen, they will make a cool natural statement.


Floating shelves are very popular in bathrooms because they look light and the bathrooms are often small. Hence, such items are a must. You can make some floating shelves yourself and give them the look you want: stained dark or light, painted white or gray, thick or thin depending on the style of your bathroom. They can be used for both storage and display. Here, it’s all up to you and your bathroom look.

living room

Floating shelves are widely used in living spaces and will fit perfectly in any room. You can make a bold statement by rocking dark, thick, floating shelves against a white wall or light wood shelves against a dark wall for an eye-catching look. You can highlight a modern room with thin white floating shelves, or bring coziness with wood texture from floating shelves to any other designed space.

Main offices

Do you have a home office or a home office corner? Rock floating shelves there for a cool modern picture! A chic and trendy idea is to rock floating shelves that look just like your desktop. Your home office looks chic and neat. It works for any home office, from a modern to a rustic or industrial one, and you can make it yourself too. Get inspired!

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