Flower Inspired Chandelier

Do you feel the spring that has come Spring is the time of flowers and herbs, and nothing is as amazing for spring decorations as flowers and plants. If you want to rock some blooms in home decor, not only can you bring fresh blooms and herbs from your garden, but rock some designer items as well. Today we have a cool piece to share with you.

This Flower Power chandelier from VGnewtrend was presented at Euroluce 2017. It is an ode to spring, the awakening of nature in enchanting bright colors with subtle nuances. Flower Power is the triumph of pink tulips that will highlight your space in a really original way.

This special, charming chandelier, which is made exclusively to order, consists of a multitude of artificial tulips from VGnewtrend, between which LED Murano glass lamps are harmoniously arranged. The colors of the chandelier can be changed according to customer requirements. Such a piece can be a cool spring statement in any room, from the dining room to the bedroom, and it will add spring magic every day.

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