Freestanding Bathtubs

A bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, purity and comfort, and decoration is very important. A bathroom is often a small space that is difficult to decorate, but you can anyway. Even the smallest bathroom can easily get a cool spa appearance. What can make your bathroom dreamy, chic and inviting at the same time? A freestanding bathtub! Regardless of the type, shape and color, the effect of a spa at home is guaranteed. There are modern versions without legs and vintage-inspired, sophisticated versions. Different materials are available for each room. Today I want to share the coolest freestanding bathtubs and I’m sure you will find yours here.

Usual forms

The most popular shape for a freestanding bathtub is an oval, but you can also find a square, round, or other shape. Most bathtubs are white, and if you use dark tiles you will notice a white bathtub. If you want a textured tub, you can rock a wood or stone tub, or with a bold finish. Place your bathtub next to the window to enjoy the view while bathing.

There are smaller and larger tubs so that even the smallest bathroom can accommodate one. If your bathroom is small, you can place the bathtub in the shower area. If your space is big enough, you can create a niche for the bathtub, make shelves on either side of the bathtub, and accentuate them with some cool pendant lights.

Irregular shapes

If you want to make a modern statement, buy a bathtub with an irregular shape. It can have a slight slope, a slip, a different height of the walls or a raw edge if it is a stone or wooden tub. It will stand out even in an open space, but if you create a niche for it, it will stand out even more. The outdoor bathrooms look amazing with raw edged tubs and make you feel like you are bathing somewhere in the forest or in the mountains. Get inspired!

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