French Chateau Modern Furniture

French designer Pierre Yovanovitch and his business and life partner, Matthieu Cussac, were looking for a modern home in Provence when Pierre came across an ad for a castle on the back of a magazine. With the purchase and three years of restoration, Pierre and Matthieu’s new home is a sophisticated mix of original architecture and modern design.

The owners have decided to keep the most beautiful original features of the castle and bring them to play so you can enjoy the original wooden beams on the ceiling, the amazing vaulted ceilings and the arched stone entrances.

A fireplace in the living room has been restored and has become the focal point of the room. The living room is decorated in soft neutral colors that make the room cozy and refined at the same time. I like the uniquely shaped furniture – chairs and a sofa, and the wooden beams and stone floors that add to the style.

The master bedroom is also kept in very calm colors. The window sill is used as a separate seat, and the furniture in the room is modern: there is a large bed in a dark, rich wood tone and a dark bedside table.

The dining area with a simple wooden table and chairs as well as a pendant lamp can easily be opened to the outside, as it is not connected via an ordinary window but via doors with a French frame. Get more of the lovely rooms below!

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