Functional Desks For Home Office

Today’s roundup is specifically aimed at those of you who work at home and is devoted to the most practical and functional desks you can find in the market today. They save space, give you a lot of storage space, tidy up the work area, charge your devices, can be hidden and much more! All of these items are designer items, they will polish up your interior design style and maybe even become a focal point.

The Pill Wall Desk was designed by Lithuania-based Emko. The desk is multifunctional and stylish and is designed to heal crowded living spaces while offering an innovative way to create a compact workspace. The interior has exhibition and storage spaces with an adjustable shelving system and sockets. The Pill Wall Desk is available in white with a white or black back and is available in black, blue and yellow.

The new Calamo console table by Zanotta has a recessed leather compartment to hide papers, laptops, tablet devices or general desk clutter. The Calamo desk by Zanotta combines a light frame, a thin top and a practical storage compartment for leaves and is an elegant, yet practical design. The desk has a painted steel frame in black, chrome and graphite finishes, while the top and storage space are lined with warm and luxurious leather.

The secretary is a desk with hidden storage space under a foldable worktop. The raised level acts as a shelf for home accessories, books or a lamp and helps the work area look at home in a more informal setting. The desk is made of laminate and oiled oak and uses a “sticks and plates” technique in which the rear legs support the upper shelf and prevent it from bending.

The ink is made from American walnut wood, is trapezoidal in shape, and you can access it by opening a door that is tilted to become a countertop. Inside the compartment there are three drawers, LED lighting and another compartment with sockets for connecting all kinds of electronic devices, even if the name “ink” reminds of traditional handwriting with pen, ink and paper, but above all of Ideas.

Metis is a solid wood desk that, while compact, comes with all kinds of compartments and sections to store your gear in. Metis is available in oak or walnut and has three drawers, a secret compartment and two hidden areas, which should provide enough space for you to manage your clutter. It even hides your electrical cords and wires for ultimate tidiness.

The idea behind the Pacco desk was to fit it into small spaces against a wall, where the two-legged design originated. The minimalist desk made of wood and white sheet metal easily switches between the two contrasting materials and gives it a modern look. The open space under the desktop provides additional storage space for the compact design.

This may be the perfect small room bookcase / computer desk for those looking for visually attractive furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The K Workstation by MisoSoupDesigns shares the common theme of their product line with the characteristic construction made of curved wood and a clean, modern and very light design. The K Workstation consists of a single coiled piece that mounts on the wall, providing a stylish space for your computer, books, and some decorative accessories.

Sitting / standing desks are all the rage and LEVIT8 is just right for you – the flat, foldable, portable device that transforms your normal desk into a standing desk. No parts. No assembly. Stylish and laconic modern design with a bold edge. It uses the age-old box-twist-folding technique to flatten it so it can be tossed in your pocket or briefcase along with your laptop, and it’s pretty lightweight.

The compact design of the LEAN ON DESK meets the requirements of a desk at home without taking up too much space. Instead of wasting space above, shelves were built in for additional storage space, which also doubles the function of the desk. It leans against the wall, meaning it’s not permanently attached so you can move it around. Instead of wasting space above, shelves were built in for additional storage space.

This versatile system goes beyond the basic functionality of a desk. The minimalist design is characterized by simple shapes and straight lines and consists of three horizontally and vertically varied elements that can be combined in numerous new combinations. This reduction in parts results in the system being lightweight, easy to assemble, and quickly reconfigurable.

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