Functional Modular Shelving System

Functionality is what we ask of furniture today, and this shelf is exactly that: functional, simple and flexible, ideal for any modern space.

The Cubit modular shelving system is available in 25 sizes and 8 depths, so that you can configure the completely modular individual units as you wish. You can create shelves to hold DVDs, records, books, keepsakes, various objects, and more. Many different sizes, modularities and ultimately the possibility of rotating rectangular modules make the shelving system the perfect solution for all challenging rooms and for every room, from the home office to the living room.

The intelligent fastening system allows assembly without tools, using the patented connector for stacking wood or the steel brackets for hanging. Customizing and creating bespoke configurations is easy and makes this shelf even cooler! Each module is delivered pre-assembled so that no additional work is required. All modules can be combined to form a shelf with the connector system. Whether you want sleek medium linear shelving or a quirky configuration for your vintage collectibles, you can get it done in no time. This concept is ideal for uncomfortable areas or for a bold arrangement over an entire wall.

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