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Functional Small Apartment

This small apartment in Melbourne, Australia is a very functional and livable apartment and shows many smart solutions that were integrated by Tsai Design when decorating.

Upon entering the small apartment, there is a bespoke wall unit with a flexible breadboard wall that can be used to hang jackets, store umbrellas, and store shoes. The entrance opens to the living room, which has a window seat surrounded by shelves and cupboards. The living room also serves as a home office. The desk and computers are hidden behind cabinet doors when not in use.

The wood-paneled kitchen is 13 feet long, and the refrigerator and washing machine are hidden in the kitchen cabinets. Black was used to contrast the light shade of the wood. A narrow cavity between the kitchen shelves and the wall hides the dining table. It is pushed out via a sliding door mechanism and the table can be folded down, creating a slightly floating effect on the table top. The dining room chairs can also be folded away, which minimizes wasted space with furniture.

The wood that is used in the kitchen also forms the headboard. A small section shows a small wall panel that can be folded up to form a bedside table. At the end of the wall paneling is a hidden door that leads to the bathroom. Only the leather door pull indicates something more. The wood look continues even in the bathroom, with wood floor porcelain tiles covering the floor and walls. A green wall visible from the kitchen creates an outdoor environment. A fold-out laundry drying line is not visible in the wooden wall.

A glass shower screen separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom, while the frosted window can be seen between the bathroom and the kitchen.

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