Functional Versatile Loveseat

Functional and flexible furniture is in use today, it saves money and space and adapts perfectly to your needs. Today we’re sharing one of those pieces, and this is a love seat, sofa, bed in one!

Usually shape-changing furniture sounds like something bachelors would have. A bed that is also a couch? Bachelor dream come true! The design of the Zipline Loveseat by Dan Basmajian fits into every household. It exudes a certain finesse that makes it look great in any home!

The zipline consists of four parts that can be turned together into a bed, sofa or even a divan. Separate elements can also be used individually! For example, the little units you have left over after turning Zipline into a sofa can either be used as footrests or as really chic Ottoman stools! You choose which furniture you want or need, and the Zipline Loveseat adapts to your requirements!

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