Furniture For Public Spaces

Mitab’s Ascent collection consists of modular furniture with a USB port for charging and can easily be used as a table for drinks, eating, reading or simply storing personal items. Given that each seat is detachable, users can customize the layout through various configurations and colors.

Ascent consists of plywood, cold foam and is upholstered with various textiles that provide a warm character. In contrast, the wooden plinth with its ash veneer surface and sharp edges creates a more robust quality to emphasize the shape of the furniture. This striking contrast between the organic profile of the seats and the bold geometric base brings unexpected whimsy and beauty to a static seating category as well as the environment in which they live. The collection is currently available in two different sizes, limited to four seats for each module with the appropriate plug-ins (USB and power supply).

The community table was designed with a particular advantage: the accessibility of the power supply. This adaptable piece of furniture has two sockets on each leg for quick and easy access to the power supply while sitting at the desk. The charging ports are both welcoming and functional features of the molded ash-covered steel legs, giving the design a robust yet friendly character. The ash veneer table top is a spacious and uncluttered station ideal for collaborative work, productivity on open floors and a wide variety of settings. In order to preserve a clean aesthetic, a felt cable tray under the table top stores all permanent connections and absorbs annoying noises.

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