Futuristic Carbon Light

Are you a fan of alien and space movies? Then you will love this light that looks out of this world! Like a spaceship floating from above, the Carbon Light adds a dash of modern design that really is out of this world. It stands out for its delightful, seemingly simple design with unique material that makes the lamps really unusual.

The Carbon Light was designed by Asobi, a creative consultancy that focuses on product design and development. It is a collection of modular hanging lamps that use LED technology and stand out from other products in the lighting category with their clean lines and futuristic feel.

Each piece is made with a matte, lightweight carbon fiber body (this material is used in spaceships) and comes in a variety of sizes, resulting in an infinite number of configurations for any interior decoration. I think this is a great solution for a modern or minimalist interior. They will easily give your space a futuristic or slightly surreal look and it will definitely make a bold statement!

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