Futuristic L Shaped Desk

We saw many desks made from different materials: wood, metal, glass, plywood, copper, and even fabric. We have seen many surfaces and shapes and thought that nothing else could surprise us, but no, today we have another desk that will amaze you.

The Mystica desk, a combination of new design and old classics, is a beautiful office workspace designed by Wilmer Chaca. The organic style of the Mystica desk is mixed with a touch of nervousness. It’s a large desk with no drawers or storage space, but given the surface of the desk, there is no problem with storage space. Maybe it’s a bit of a surprise, but the large L-shaped design of the table makes it a perfect comfortable table for one person or even for a team.

It is available in gray and white and the legs of the desk create a modern and eye-catching design while being comfortably placed so that multiple people can sit here and not disturb one another. Such a piece is a good idea for an office or home office when you need a spacious work area.

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