Geometric Chair

Marta Szymkowiak’s Manet Easy Chair looks like a delicious box of french fries just waiting for you to dive in. It may seem hard and geometric to you, but every single exposure is actually a soft pillow that bends and squeezes to accommodate the sitter so you feel like you are being hugged by the chair!

Designed to give you a comfortable sitting experience regardless of your posture, the Manet chair allows you to sit, lean back and take a nap. Each pillow can even be rearranged or removed and used separately, giving you full flexibility in how you want to sit on the chair. The gap between the cushions in the armchair also makes for a pretty unique holder to wedge books, phones or tablets in.

The Manet comes with an MDF box that is covered with a vinyl fabric and in which 16 pillows are stored. Each pillow is made of soft foam and lined with polyester that can be removed and washed regularly. Manet is entirely made in Brianza, Italy by skilled artisans.

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