Hi Tech Crib Rocks Babies

Exhausted parents can stay in bed while this bassinet designed by Yves Behar rocks their babies back to sleep with a “womb-like movement” when they hear them cry.

The Snoo cot has been described by its manufacturers as the world’s first smart sleeper and has integrated microphones, loudspeakers and sensors. When it detects noises and agitated movements, the bed’s gentle rocking motion accelerates until the occupant can go back to sleep – which means parents don’t have to get up.

Snoo Crib comes with an app that parents can use to monitor and review their child’s sleep patterns. The data is collected and sent to your smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection. The diamond-shaped crib has white textile mesh sides through which air can flow. The mattress is surrounded by a wooden border, which in turn is supported by thin, hairpin-like legs. The size of the crib was chosen so that the parents can see the baby from their bed.

Inside, a cotton wrap holds the baby in a sleeping position that mimics the time in the womb. The mechanism only works if the wrap is securely attached to the bassinet sides.

A metal WLAN protective shield in the bed platform is located between the baby and the module to prevent possible radiation exposure. The WLAN can be switched off completely at the push of a button.

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