Hideaway Wall Mounted Desk

With today’s lack of space, we’re always looking for space-saving solutions, including hideaway desks. A hideaway desk allows you to organize everything you need for your small home office while still leaving plenty of room for the rest. Here is one of those items, the Pill Wall Desk, with a completely unique shape.

The Pill Wall Desk was designed by Lithuania-based Emko. The desk is multifunctional and stylish and is designed to heal crowded living spaces while offering an innovative way to create a compact workspace. The round cabinet can be mounted on a wall at any height to suit the needs of the owner. The interior has exhibition and storage spaces with an adjustable shelving system and sockets. Thanks to its sophisticated and adaptable design, it can be used as a desk, bar, storage space or bookcase. The Pill Wall Desk is available here in white with a white or black back and in the colors black, blue and yellow.

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