Home In The Slopes

This mid-century modern home was designed by Deborah Berke Partners. The long, low silhouette of the house next to the rolling earth is picturesque. The house is extensively glazed to fill the interior with light and the use of wood provides warmth. The furniture is modern from the middle of the century, very elegant and timeless looking. Let’s take a closer look at some rooms.

The living room has a wood-paneled wall with a built-in fireplace, a black piano, an acrylic coffee table, and a comfortable brown leather sofa. There are elegant chairs and a bench that create a very chic atmosphere. A large black piano gives the room a sophisticated touch, and a built-in fireplace brings coziness, everything here is well considered.

The dining room and kitchen are connected into one room, but the kitchen is somewhat separated from the rest of the room: there is an additional ceiling and wood that clad the corner of the house. The entire kitchen is done in sleek white, and the kitchen island is also white, but the backsplash wall is completely clad in bold purple tiles. The dining area is furnished with a creative chandelier, a black dining table and brown leather upholstered chairs.

A small corner for the home office consists of wood-paneled storage units and a floating white desk and chair. It is separated from the living room by a partial wall. The other rooms in the house are not featured, but I’m sure they are no less amazing than this one.

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