Home Mid Century Modern Furniture

I absolutely love everything about this Noe Valley home designed by Regan Baker. The bold, big photo art, the subtle moldings in the dining and living rooms, the furniture from the middle of the century, the brightness, a bit of drama with paint, wallpaper or black walls. Let’s take a closer look at each room.

The dining room is outfitted with a chic, modern mid-century dining room with a wooden table and wooden and black leather chairs. To make it stand out even better, there is a green printed rug and a gorgeous matching green glass bubble chandelier. Check out this cool modern piece of art – isn’t it amazing? A black cabinet with frost glass doors serves as a storage item and room divider.

The kitchen is modern and white, with sleek cabinets, open shelving, and a two-story kitchen island that has a wood top for a breakfast zone and marble for a cooking zone. There is an entrance to the terrace with a pallet wall garden and modern furniture.

The living room has a unique hexagonal wall with windows, is airy and fresh, with a black sofa and wooden furniture. Lots of green enlivens the space and cool works of art are also available.

The master bedroom has a large piece of art, a yellow upholstered bed with a yellow bedspread, a comfortable rug, and some books piled right on the floor. The main bathroom is minimalist and white. The decor is reminiscent of the kitchen. Now scroll down to see more of these beautiful rooms and get inspired!

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