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Home With Amazing Lake Views

Splinter Creek is a Mississippi community focused on sustainable and comfortable living that has just completed their model home development. The design is based on the classic Dogtrot layout, with the view of the water and forests in the foreground. The simple half-timbered house was inspired by the agricultural structures that are often found in the area.

Lots of windows have been built in to ensure plenty of natural light fills the interior. The furniture is casual and prevents a cozy but refined space perfect for lake life. White surfaces burst the wood details and floors, and the use of such materials, as well as leather and metallic accents, add texture to the space.

The main layout consists of a kitchen, a dining and a living area. The room is decorated with light wood furniture, wicker, matt blackened metal, and white upholstered furniture. The home office has a large vintage desk with a wicker chair and a comfortable sofa where owners can enjoy the view in a large window.

The master bedroom also offers a breathtaking view of the lake, a bed, a brown leather armchair and a rough piece of wood as a sculpture above the bed. The guest room is decorated in atmospheric colors and equipped with wicker drawers, antlers and various textiles. You can also see a covered outdoor dining area with great lake views, wow! Take inspiration from other rooms in this house below.

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