Home With Antique Furniture

Antique beauty fans, this item is for you! Today we share an amazing 4 story Victorian house in London that will leave you mouth open.

Every part of this house breathes with history and exquisiteness. The living room is decorated in white and cream: a white ceiling with stucco, white wooden floorboards and cream-colored walls create a wonderful backdrop for breathtaking vintage furniture. The fireplace is refined and is highlighted by antique candle holders. Take a look at this sofa – it’s a touch of the old days! The gold-plated sofa is upholstered in velvet, and dark velvet curtains are a reminder of this.

The house was decorated with a junk shop, auction, and eBay finds. Every room and room in this house provides a backdrop for a delightful piece of furniture, antique and upholstered in velvet – a vintage sofa, a love seat, an upholstered bench. Some pieces of furniture are shabby chic and look quite worn, but it adds the perfect ambience.

The kitchen is modern and the dining area eclectic, a mix of modern and vintage. Modern black cabinets and a rustic shelf contrast with a vintage chandelier. The dining area features a nifty modern gold and silver dining table with vintage upholstered chairs with geometric gold legs.

Some rooms have working and non-working fireplaces. They are decorated with stucco in an exquisite way, so that even non-working fireplaces enrich the interior. Get more of the super refined home with a fine selection of furniture below!

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