Home With Lots Of White

Most mid-century modern homes are known to have a fairly intense and warm color scheme, but the home we are presenting today is not one of them. It feels very airy, flooded with light and a bit more modern than an ordinary mid-century house due to the use of a lot of light wood and a lot of white paint.

The house was built in the 70’s and sits on nearly an acre of land with some breathtaking views. The home is on the larger side at over 4k square feet, and the exterior and landscaping complement what is going on inside the home. The exterior is clad with black painted wood, there is a cozy terrace with gravel and large tiles and a small dining area.

Inside, you’ll see a white gable roof highlighted with dark beams and cool chandeliers. The main open layout is divided into two parts. The lower is a living room with muted color furniture from the mid-century with access to the terrace – a glazed wall also offers breathtaking views. The upper part has a dining area and kitchen, the furniture is made of white and light wood and the dining set consists of bold yellow chairs from the middle of the century. Lots of windows here and there fill the layout with natural light and let the owners enjoy the view.

The master bedroom consists of a bed, a few chairs and a wood-paneled wall with an arched corridor leading to the master bathroom. Both rooms have large windows to enjoy the view. So cool!

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