House Covered With Living Vines

This country house in Treviso, Northern Italy, offers a new life to Zanonarchitettiassociati (Zaa) by renovating its interiors and expanding the living space. The latter is executed in the extended structure made of a glass and Corten steel frame.

In this renovation project, Zaa created a volume that blends seamlessly into the natural landscape thanks to the arrangement of wide windows. From the outside, the glass volume reflects the surrounding nature, which becomes part of it, while the windows become invisible from the inside and give the impression of being outdoors. In the end, the living room becomes one with the landscape through the glazing.

The new living area has a large room with several seating areas: the first is for enjoying the fire – there are two comfortable loungers and a large fireplace; The second and third are furnished with a large sofa and various chairs and seats on either side.

The kitchen looks very angular as it is covered in concrete and the cabinets and appliances are stainless steel. There is a real working fireplace with a firewood store underneath. Above the kitchen is an attic for sleeping: there are only two beds and exposed wooden beams, nothing else.

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