House Modern Interiors

Dizaino Virtuvė designed a house for a family with two children in a Lithuanian forest, which is a wonderful mixture of modernity and contemporaneity. The 138-square-foot home has a white base on which all of the gray and black tones lie effortlessly.

Vaulted ceilings look tall and numerous windows look out over neighboring houses and forests. The simplicity of the style doesn’t lean too much towards minimalism, but there is a distinct Scandinavian influence that permeates every room. Each interior has its own purpose and character, but all come in the same direction of refined balance and pleasant neutrality.

The living room is filled with light through two oversized skylights. Comfortable light gray furniture, laconic accessories, an enclosed, sleek storage space and a white vintage fireplace with a storage space made of concrete firewood and industrial geometric lights hanging from above make this space super stylish and inviting.

A bedroom has one of the most unusual designs we have ever seen. The sleeping area is separated from the bathroom and only has a smoked glass wall and an open cupboard. It has a wall that is partially covered with black wooden slats.

Small corner kitchen looks strong in black and white and doesn’t waste space with floor-to-ceiling storage spaces and sleek furniture.

The designers took advantage of the windows and turned the children’s room into the ultimate winter garden where children can play and learn and sleep at night. Get more views of this stunning home below!

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