House Modernist Classic Design

The Eppich House that I want to tell you about today is a modern classic, a designer beacon that was built for a steel manufacturer and his family. The curvilinear lines and the response to the location are far more Frank Lloyd Wright than Mies – a late 1970s equivalent to Fallingwater, which took a decade to complete, with owner Hugo Eppich acting as general contractor.

The West Vancouver home has three levels that are perpendicular to the slope of the property. The living rooms are on the middle level with the bedrooms above and below. Each level ends with a half-vault greenhouse and glass blocks for privacy. Everything in the house, including the curved steel furniture, was custom designed by Erickson and his partner Francisco Kripacz. Chrome-plated, polished steel columns, extensive glazing and water elements reflect and break the surrounding green and thus create a translucent living cocoon.

I love the use of colors and textures here, they are pretty vivid, for example you can see yellow leather furniture in the living room, it gives the room a mid-century modern twist. The master bedroom has a bold turquoise bed with a large headboard. I love bold orange chairs with flashy modern metal bases, they look amazing!

Here, you can also spot eagles, raccoons, and bears drawn by the babbling brook on the edges, as well as a variety of wild birds enjoying Cornelia Oberlander’s landscaping and the large lily pond. However, the rivals of architectural beauty never compete with natural splendor and embrace and reveal it thanks to the intuitive reading of the site. Check out the great pictures of this masterpiece!

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