House Shipping Container Top

The Clay House, designed by the architect Budi Pradono, is located on a hill on an Indonesian island east of Bali. What’s special about it is that it has a unique design feature: there is a shipping container that appears to slide off the top of the house.

The residence is made up of two volumes that stand on concrete stilts to soar above the surrounding trees and overlook rice fields and the Indian Ocean. At the highest point of the house is a 2.2 meter tall shipping container that is inclined 60 degrees up to create a high ceiling in the master bedroom and a large window with doors that lead to a terrace. The exterior is painted white to reflect the sun and prevent overheating.

The walls are covered in clay that has been treated by artisans with a mixture of sand, cement, straw and cow dung, as the use of local materials was one of the designer’s ideas. The walls marked with boards, which are 30 centimeters thick, help prevent overheating in the hot and humid climate. Flattened bamboo provides an interior lining. Exposed natural materials such as heavy wooden furniture and stone tiles complement the building materials throughout the residence. The result is a unique blend of minimalist and industrial style with a tropical flair.

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